Volume -I , Issue -XII, August 2015

Development and characterization of Al-Cu-Mg alloy/TiC metal matrix composites

Author(s) :

Shahin Shaikh , T.R. Hemanth kumar


To meet the ever increasing demand of man’s needs and comforts composites are versatile materials used for various engineering and industrial applications.Among the various Metal matrix composites, aluminium alloy based composites are widely considered by the researchers because of their high strength-lightweight combination along with good corrosion resistance. As a result, Aluminium metal matrix composites are increasingly finding their application in the fields of electronics, aerospace and automobile etc .Al-Cu-Mg is used as matrix material reinforced with hard ceramic particles like TiC. Stir casting Technique is used by varying weight percentage (wt. %) of reinforcement. To develop challenging composite material.


Stir casting process, Metal matrix, Density.

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