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The Industrial Science Journal has as its mission to publish scientific research videos. Authors will find innovative ways to use new technology, new techniques and grow your research field. Unlike like simply reading about new ideas, this journal lets you experience the latest techniques through professionally reviewed research articles. Original peer-reviewed articles examine established research techniques, as well as introduce informative and innovative methods valuable to the research scholars.

The goal of the launching is to increase the depth of information reported in selected journal articles through publishing a engineering research article that focuses on the described research field. Each article is provided with abstract and detailed manuscript showing the author performing the work described in his/her article. Each research article includes a PDF file of the associated manuscript.

Who we are?

We, Laxmi Book Publication, are a leading publication company in India. We publish various journals in multiple disciplines, books, and we run a free book review publishing portal. Our great achievement is journal indexing service i.e. Directory of Research Journals Indexing.

List of Our Publications :-

Journal NamePublishing in Discipline
Laxmi Book PublicationBook Publishing with ISBN No.
Indian Streams Research JournalInternational Multidisciplinary Journal
Golden Research ThoughtsInternational Multidisciplinary Journal
Review of ResearchInternational Multidisciplinary Online Journal
e-Library Science Research JournalInternational Library Science Journal
Tactful ManagementInternational Commerce and Management Journal
Physical Education and Sports Research JournalInternational Physical Education and Sports Journal
Reviews of ProgressInternational Medical Weekly Journal
Weekly ScienceInternational Science Weekly Journal
Science ParkInternational Science Weekly Journal
Research DirectionInternational Multidisciplinary Journal
Golden Research Thought’s Book ReviewBook Review
Directory of Research Journals IndexingJournal Indexing Service

Industrial Science Journal provides you a proven platform for your new innovative engineering research articles. The main aim of the Journal is to publish refereed, well-written, well scripted original research articles and studies that describe the latest research developments in the area of Engineering & Scientific Research. This is a broad-based journal covering all area of research. Industrial Science Journal is a peer-reviewed journal and is published monthly.

Our technical team are promoting these transactions for issuing high quality proceedings and article quality. So, we are very proud to invite you to submit your research manuscripts for this journal.

Authors are invited to send their valuable research manuscripts in (.doc) or .pdf format to: induscience@gmail.com. All submitted paper should report original, previously unpublished research articles, experimental or technical, and will be peer-reviewed.


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