Guidelines to Authors

Accepted papers are considered that these contain original unpublished work, nor submitted for publication anywhere else. If maximum part of paper has published already — even in a proceedings — the paper cannot be accepted for publication in OR. Therefore, authors must disclose that parts of their paper have been submitted or published elsewhere. In some cases, authors will be asked to provide a copy of the previous publication so the editorial board will be able to determine whether the new paper can be published.

Manuscript Preparation

The text should be arranged as follows:

  1. title page,
  2. abstract,
  3. introduction,
  4. main sections,
  5. appendix,
  6. acknowledgments, and
  7. references.
  8. References, acknowledgments and appendices are not compulsary; all references will be published as online supplements
There is no page limitations and word limitations for writing manuscript.

Authors may consider the following points while preparing manuscripts. Manuscripts not following these instructions may be returned to their authors for appropriate revisions or may be delayed in the review process.

  1. Readability
  2. Title page
  3. Abstract
  4. Introduction
  5. Main sections
  6. Style
  7. Length
  8. Spacing and formatting
  9. Footnotes
  10. Acknowledgments
  11. References
  12. Mathematical expressions
  13. Tables and their captions
  14. Figures and their naming convensions

Manuscript Styling

  1. English : Font Size - 12 pt, Font Name - Times new Roman"
  2. 2. Introduction is the first part of the paper and it should end with a conclusion summarizing the findings of the paper.
  3. 3. Fact of papers presented/submitted in a conference/seminar or minor / major research project must be clearly mentioned at the bottom of the first page of the manuscript and the author should specify with whom the copyright vests.

How to submit manuscript?

There are several ways to submit your manuscript to our journal.

  1. Online Submission
  2. Mail us on given email id's.
  3. You can directly come to office and submit your manuscript.
  4. Send us printed or Soft copy (CD) by using Postal Service on given address.

Important Points to be remember...

  1. At the time of submission of the research paper the author must give a declaration that "The article has not been published or sent for publication to any other journal or magazine".
  2. Please keep payment proof until to get hard copy of Journal.
  3. If authors more than one please mention who are main and who are co-authors.
  4. If any article found to be plagairism then that article will be rejected and will not be accepted for publishing.


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