Volume -I , Issue -IV, April 2014


Author(s) :

Ch. VenkataRajesh , T. Muneiah and T. Varun Kumar


After the industrial revolution the usage of conventional fuel like petr ol, diesel, gas, exceeding rapidly . And also the domestic needs are incr easing day by day . The situation continued for some decades. If so the deposits of conventional fuels will wiped off fr om earth crest. Their for the we have to concentrate to preserve the conventional fuel. 100% preservation cannot be possible. So we have to concentrate on alternative sources or bio fuels like Edible oils or Non Edible oils. In this project we are concentrating on Non Edible oils like Karanja, maghuva is produced fr om plant matter broken down by enzymes, fermented and distilled. This project involves preparation of Bio diesel fr om Non Edible oils by using distillation process and calibrates the performance evaluation on diesel engines by using distilled oils and comparing the results with diesel and suggesting the better substitution for diesel in the present used Bio fuels.


Bio Diesel, Non Edible Oils Karanja, Distillation Process, Performance Evaluation

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Ch. VenkataRajesh , T. Muneiah and T. Varun Kumar, (2014), BIO-FUELS IN INTERNALCOMBUSTION ENGINES, Industrial Science Journal, http://industrialscience.org/Article.aspx?aid=36&vid=4, (April, 2014)
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