Volume -I , Issue -VII, October 2014


Author(s) :

Kumar Gaurav , Lakshay Gupta and Himanshi Lamba


Control system design and analysis technologies are widely suppress and very useful to be applied in real-time development. Some can be solved by hardware technology and by the advance used of software, control system are analyzed easily and detail. DC Motors can be used in various applications and can be used as various sizes and rates as per our applications. In this project we have control the actual speed of dc motor as per ours requirement. This can be achieved through PIC micro controller.


DC Motor, PIC Microcontroller, PWM Pulse, Duty Cycle, MOSFET, Driver Circuit, MP.

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Kumar Gaurav , Lakshay Gupta and Himanshi Lamba, (2014), STUDY OF DC MOTOR, Industrial Science Journal, http://industrialscience.org/Article.aspx?aid=53&vid=7, (October, 2014)
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