Volume -I , Issue -X, April 2015


Author(s) :

Sachin S. Rindhe , Pooja Thakre


explore use a microcontroller to develop portable web server. This portablewebserver can be used for webpage hosting over intranet and also can be used for remote data monitoring. Microcontroller used to make cost effective, maintainable and portable solution. The innovation is in the technology to support webserver application by microcontroller.


Microcontroller, Webserver, portable.

  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_server.
  2. Zhu Fande ; Inf. Eng. Coll., Yangzhou Univ., Yangzhou, China ; Chen Hongjian “µCLinux-based WEBSERVER realization on ARM platform” Computing, Communication, Control, and Management, 2009. CCCM 2009. ISECS International Colloquium on (Volume:1 ).
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Sachin S. Rindhe , Pooja Thakre, (2015), MICROCONTROLLER BASED PORTABLE WEBSERVER, Industrial Science Journal, http://industrialscience.org/Article.aspx?aid=67&vid=10, (April, 2015)
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