Volume -I , Issue -XII, August 2015


Author(s) :

Bhavana Nili


According to the 'National Sample Survey Organisation', at the all-India level, the number of disabled persons enumerated in urban and rural India was 26,679 and 49,300, respectively. Approximately 69 persons per 100,000 were either born disabled or become disabled due to some reasons in India; during the last year. The physically challenged persons are one of the expelled sections of our society and also they face more number of problems in their daily life. In order to develop a successful programme for social combination of the disabled to estimate human intentions related with walking in order to at ease and unharmed support to a paraplegia patient’s walk, for an improvement of strong and healthy person’s activities and for support of physically challenged person’s daily life. [1] The project aims in designing a leg for physically challenged people who can be fixed to amputated leg and the movement of the leg has been designed automated. This project is designed for physically disabled people to walk without anyone’s support. This robo leg will allow the person to sit on the floor, to climb the stair case and all those things that a normal human being can do. These have been designed to make the movements as natural as possible.


Robo leg, Paraplegia, walking support, controlling movement.

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