Volume -I , Issue -XII, August 2015


Author(s) :

Domal PratibhaArvind , Gajul Hiralal Murlidhar , Domal Vishal Arvind and Inamdar Firdos Hamid


As people across the globe are becoming more interested in watching their weight, eating more healthy food and avoiding junk food, a system that can measure calories and nutrition in every day meals can be very useful for maintaining our health. Food calorie and nutrition measurement system is very beneficial for dietitians and patients to measure and manage the daily food intake [2].The proposed system is a responsive website which contains the knowledge and data regarding the fitness of a person. We also referred data required to develop the website, from gym exercise book which makes the website a unique one. This website consist the user interface which will be publically displayed on the website i.e. the basic information regarding the fitness such as how to maintain good health by doing some workouts and by eating some food products which includes calories, proteins and carbohydrates etc. Also contains user login such as Admin and User. Artificial Intelligence andDietician paper abstract will give overview on modules developed in this website.


Calorie measurement, Workouts.

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Domal PratibhaArvind , Gajul Hiralal Murlidhar , Domal Vishal Arvind and Inamdar Firdos Hamid, (2015), ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND DIETICIAN, Industrial Science Journal, http://industrialscience.org/Article.aspx?aid=78&vid=12, (August, 2015)
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