Volume -I , Issue -XII, August 2015


Author(s) :

Sawale Bharati Shankar, Dhoble Manoj Ramchandra and Sawale Nitin Shankar


Linux containers and Docker are used to change the way of building shipping, deployment and instantiation of applications. Docker accelerate application delivery along with their dependencies. Therefore, the same containerized application can operate in different development, production, test and operating environments. The platform can be a public cloud, physical or virtual server or network device. Virtual machine requires hypervisor to handle multiple operating systems. Therefore, we can use docker for this purpose. Docker can be used for the purpose of virtualization. In this paper, we can containerize our application using docker and pull the images.


container; hypervisor, virtualization;

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Sawale Bharati Shankar, Dhoble Manoj Ramchandra and Sawale Nitin Shankar, (2015), DOCKER CONTAINER, Industrial Science Journal, http://industrialscience.org/Article.aspx?aid=81&vid=12, (August, 2015)
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