Volume -I , Issue -XII, August 2015


Author(s) :

Uday Gobbur , Suhas Raut


Attacks against computer systems and the data contained within these systems are becoming increasingly frequent and evermore sophisticated. Organizations wishing to ensure security of their systems may look towards adopting appropriate measures to protect themselves against potential security breaches. One such measure is to hire the services of penetration testers to find vulnerabilities present in the organization’s network, and provide recommendations as to how best to resolve such risks. In this paper we discuss role of the modern pen-tester and summarize current standards and professional qualifications and also further identify issues arising from pen-testers, thereby suggesting how to resolve loopholes in target system and generate report in printable format.


Web application threats, Network application security, exploitation process and reporting.

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Uday Gobbur , Suhas Raut, (2015), NETWORK VULNERABILITY DETECTION REPORTING SYSTEM WITH RECOMMENDATIONS & APPROPRIATE RESOLUTION, Industrial Science Journal, http://industrialscience.org/Article.aspx?aid=83&vid=12, (August, 2015)
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