Volume -II , Issue -I, October 2015


Author(s) :

P. R. Muke , N. J. Sathe


In Maharashtra region there are many dams having tremendous erosion of tail channel. Two of them are selected for this project Bhama Askhed dam and Ghod dam. Bhama Askhed dam is situated near Waki (Pune district) and Ghod dam is located near Shirur about 95 km from Pune. Residual energy is mainly responsible for erosion at tail channel. Residual energy can be calculated by using model. Rock scour can occur when the erosive power exceeds the ability of rock to resist it. So it is also necessary to understand the failure mechanism of rock, structural geology and geological failures in that particular area. Electrical resistivity method is used in this project to study structural geology of tail channel area. Survey of tail channel is very helpful to draw eroded profile of tail channel.


Rock scour, Residual Energy, Tail channel, Electrical Resistivity.

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P. R. Muke , N. J. Sathe, (2015), EFFECT OF RESIDUAL ENERGY OF WATER OVER TAIL CHANNEL EROSION, Industrial Science Journal, http://industrialscience.org/Article.aspx?aid=86&vid=13, (October, 2015)
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