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In today’s business environment quality became key-factor in addition to Technology and Innovation. Fortunately, BEL has identified these parameters as key parameters long back for its business growth. Today, Quality became part of our life and spreading every sphere of the life including non priority activities. More so for industries, Quality became key parameter to be considered every phase of the products including design. Few decades back, quality was limited to the restricted areas like various manufacturing processes & today it became mandatory to add quality element in every sphere of products. Thus quality has gained importance in design phase also in recent times. Hence, it is time for us to identify key drivers for building the quality in design phase of our products and services. In light of this, I would like to bring out various drivers that imbibe the quality at early stage of products (design stage). This enhances the product quality and reduces costs, improves profits & derives customer delight. Specifically, how experimental designs, Systematic learning, ruggedness can be used in design, test and improve the quality of products, thus, reduces cycle time and ensures sustainability in the growth. Few case studies are also presented to emphasize the requirement of quality in design phase.


Robust Product Design, Cycle Time Reduction, Development Cycle Time, Quality Enhancement, Response Surface Methodology

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