Volume -I , Issue -IV, April 2014


Author(s) :

Hemant Soni, Pratik Golar, AshwinKherde Instructor :-P. R. Gajhbhiye1 and Er. S. D. Thakre


Driven by studies that show that a drop in tire pressure by just a few PSI can result in the reduction of gas mileage, tire life, safety, and vehicle performance, we have developed an automatic, self-inflating tire system that ensures that tires are properly inflated at all times. Our design proposes and successfully implements the use of a centralized compressor that will supply air to all four tires via hoses and a rotary joint fixed between the wheel spindle and wheel hub at each wheel. The rotary joints effectively allow air to be channeled to the tires without the tangling of hoses. With the recent oil price hikes and growing concern of environmental issues, this system addresses a potential improvement in gas mileage; tire wear reduction; and an increase in handling and tire performance in diverse conditions. In this paper we have taken into consideration design aspects of the ATIS.


Automatic , self-inflating , human life , potential improvement

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Hemant Soni, Pratik Golar, AshwinKherde Instructor :-P. R. Gajhbhiye1 and Er. S. D. Thakre, (2014), DESIGN OF AUTOMATIC TYRE INFLATION SYSTEMnline purchase, Industrial Science Journal, http://industrialscience.org/Article.aspx?aid=27&vid=4, (April, 2014)
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