Volume -I , Issue -V, June 2014


Author(s) :

T. D. Bhosale , G. A. Hinge and N. J. Sathenline purchase


Scouring of the rock is the erosion of the rock due to the velocity exhibited by the stream channels and different localities. The present paper describes, the scouring effect of Basaltic Rock on hydraulic structures in the vicinity. In this paper we have made an attempt, which shows the scour of rock due to high velocity of water jet in the tail channel.Also the difference in RL'S between the spillway guide wall and bridge pier is helpful to show the adverse effect of scouring in tail channel for both the dam sites. In order to study scouring effect of rock (Bollaert 2001) prepared a CSM model (comprehensive scour model), which is very useful to find physics of rock scour or also to predict future scour formation.


Rock Scour, plunge pool rock scour, CSM, tail channel scour, future scour prediction.

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T. D. Bhosale , G. A. Hinge and N. J. Sathenline purchase, (2014), EFFECT OF SCOURING IN BASALTIC ROCK ON HYDRAULIC STRUCTURES IN THE VICINITY OF PUNE REGION, Industrial Science Journal, http://industrialscience.org/Article.aspx?aid=40&vid=5, (June, 2014)
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