Volume -I , Issue -VII, October 2014


Author(s) :

S. V. V. S. K. Reddy , Y. Srinivavasa Rao


The increasing demand for development of power from renewable energy has lead to creation of Micro-dc grid.In Micro-dc grid two wire transmission is widely acceptable but from the consideration of different voltage levels of power converters and loads this is unacceptable .In order to meet this a half bridge dual buck voltage balancer can be incorporated into micro dc-grid. This has the functionality to convert a two wire into three wire system via a neutral line. However peak shoot through problem in bridge converter will degrade the performance of voltage balancer .In this paper, a dual-buck voltage balancer and control strategy based on fuzzy logic control technique is proposed which can avoid peak shoot through problem. The controller design is presented and control parameters are evaluated based on inductor current, capacitors and unbalanced loads.Fuzzy logic controller is designed.Finally,the simulation results of proposed fuzzy control scheme are compared with the normal proportional control scheme.


Dual-Buck,distributon system, half-bridge,micro-dc grid,voltage balancer,fuzzy logic control,two wire ,three wire system.

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S. V. V. S. K. Reddy , Y. Srinivavasa Rao, (2014), ADVANCED FUZZY LOGIC CONTROL BASED DUAL-BUCK HALF-BRIDGE VOLTAGE BALANCER, Industrial Science Journal, http://industrialscience.org/Article.aspx?aid=57&vid=7, (October, 2014)
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